Strengthfarm Yoga

Here at StrengthFarm™, we believe integrating yoga into our strength and conditioning routines is essential. It is incredibly beneficial for all and promotes mindfulness. Our instructor teaches Vinyasa classes that improve range of motion, flexibility, mobility and overall balance. StrengthFarm™ Yoga is taught directly after strength training twice per week. Each class is tailored to specific muscle groups relative to continued athletic development through proper recovery and restoration. 

What do you get when you mix deadlifts, kettlebell swings, and other weight bearing exercises with Vinyasa Yoga?  Answer: StrengthFarm Yoga, it's our version of Yoga!  Within one hour you will perform a warm up, 30 minute full-body weight training session, and finish with a 30 minute Yoga session to complete the class designed for those looking to improve core strength and learn how to lift properly with great technique!